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Investment: US $500.00

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10 thoughts on “Get your energy boost

  • 24. June 2018 at 20:52

    Lieber Agni, ich koennte einen Energieschub von Dir in all den Kategorien gebrauchen, die Kategorie Heilung in Herz, KOERPER und Seele ist nicht dabei. War auch sehr ezogen von Deinem Seminar “The Merchant”. Ich denke aber, dass die Funken des Feuers der Liebe die Magie auf allen anderen Ebenen alees andere wundersam auf den Weg bringen kann. Ich vertraue auf Deine Einsicht als mein Lehrer in mein Sein und ich waere Dir ehrlich dankbar fuer eine Reflexion. Lass mich wissen, wie der Ablauf so einer Session funktioniert und wohin ich US$ 500.- ueberweisen kann. Ich bin nicht sehr IT bewandert, lerne und vertraue, dass es schon klappen wird. In tiefer Dankbarkeit, auch im Namen der Kukulcan-gefiederten Schlange-und ich freue mich, Arohanui, Cora

    • 26. June 2018 at 3:51

      Hallo Cora, danke für dein Interesse.
      Du kannst au meiner Seite mit Paypal zahlen, daß geht auch mit Krditkarte oder Bankeinzug.
      Tippe einfach ein Thema an, ich sehe dann, daß die Zahlung von dir kommt und du zu dem Thema “Heilung in Herz, Körper und Seele” einen Energie Schub brauchst.
      Du setzt dich dann zu Hause hin, meditierst, nimmst Kontakt müber dein Herz mit mir auf, und die Energie beginnt u fließen.
      Es wäre schön, wenn du deine Erfahrungen anschließend im Gästebuch teilst.
      Licht und Liebe, Agni

  • 8. July 2018 at 10:53

    Thank you Agni from the distance. You are in NM of the US. I am in Japan. I am now preparing for the presentation at the International Academic Society. It will hold in Italy. In my mind, it is helpful for me to have a confidence in myself.

    Last year, you helped my family issue from the distance. It was also very much helpful for me. It took one year to resolve everything.

    At this time, your energy boost would help me not instantly but gradually. I also many many thanks to you. I asked you this energy boost in the day time of Japan, it means somehow midnight of NM in the US. I didn’t imagine that you gave me a quick response. Thanks again and I will let you know what will happen in the future.

    • 12. July 2018 at 9:39

      Dear Mari,
      I am happy to be of some help.
      Have a great presentation at the International Academic Society.
      Love and light, Agni

  • 10. July 2018 at 4:09

    Before getting ready to meditate, I felt some energy waiting in front of the altar. Once connected with Agni, I immediately felt huge, thick energy with quietness and stability.

    After one-hour meditation with Agni, I still felt a full circle of fire burning around the heart chakra, and at the same time, I felt a need for my body to lie in front of the altar. I fell asleep deeply. Nine hours later when I woke up again, I thought that all the energy had been gone, and then I felt the energy starting to work in the five elements of my abdomen. An energy vortex constantly turned the five elements of the abdomen. And within 4 hours, the energy gradually stabilized in the body.

    In the beginning, I had thought that this was only an hour of meditation treatment. However, while I was writing and sharing, this very huge and supportive energy has been operating in me for more than 30 hours, and now I can feel the strong and stable energy inside me, re-integrating the entire energy system. And the vision becomes clear, and the core qualities appear with ease!

    This is my experience I had. Enjoy your own journey!

    Thank you dear Agni for the wonderful support!

  • 10. July 2018 at 7:54

    Agni chose a topic that’s not on my list .But upon knowing the topic, I was moved to tears.

    Opening the lights door, l felt energy so powerful and tender around me.

    In the meditation, I saw many images, after that, I breathed as a free person once again, finding the peace inside. The feeling was just like heaven on earth!

    I bow to you!
    Thank you for this powerful support, it’s a wonderful gift for me!

  • 10. July 2018 at 16:29

    Wow, now this was a most wonderful experience.
    So loving, so beautiful, so smooth, so healing.

    I booked a trauma release and was a bit afraid if this really works as I made some really bad experiences the last 14 years when I tried to work on my traumas and simply lived with them instead of solving them just to avoid those damaging situations.

    But now I have found **the** solution that works for me.
    I am so happy!! What a relieve!

    It felt like a 1-2 hours bath in smooth and loving energy that was so patient and accepting, running through my body, stopped everywhere where it took some time until the energy could get through and in the flow it released all stuck energy and rissolved the gap between victim and offender until it could release and flow out of me into unity. It poured the deed, teh happenings out into the past, out of my today, my now.

    Another big thank you Agni for giving us this opportunity.

    I will definitely do this again! It is far better than spending money on things that only work half the way.

  • 3. August 2018 at 19:29

    These months, I had been unwilling to provide spiritual services. Though I know “to guide people towards their paths and directions” is my mission, I felt it so heavy and I was not happy. My body was tired too. I lost momentum.

    Till one night, I felt I can’t go on like this anymore. I want to go back to happiness and lead people to happiness. So I wrote to Agni and asked if “energy boost” could help me?


    After I paid the fee for “energy boost”, I was ready to meditate in a serious way as I used to do. But I felt Agni said to me: “Don’t worry, be happy. Receive first, don’t think about it.”

    Then a great amount of energy poured into my heart chakra, and some energy like hot spring also flowed into my navel chakra. My whole body and energy field was in fire.

    I also got a gift- power animals. I saw a jaguar and a snake shining with golden light in my energy field. Then there was heavy and giant energy in my hands. I felt it was a semi-transparent crystal with milk-white color, shining with rainbow colors. I enjoyed the energy very much.

    During the whole process, I also felt the presence of Krishna. He brought energy of relaxation, happiness, and play and taught me not to be strict with myself, but to provide teachings like children’s playing games.

    After the meditation, I found that I was very stable, and started to act with fun and novelty.

    特別是遇到問題時,我不再陷入擔憂與失望的情緒之中,很自然地會先請求靈性協助者和相信自己是被祝福著的,相信一切都會變得更好,不再被情緒主導或咬牙硬撐下去 。

    我也重新開始提供靈性服務和課程了,之前害怕被說是「靈性騙子」的想法也消失了,我變得更有自信,更輕鬆、自在,和享受我的工作 。
    Now I start to provide spiritual services again. I become more confident, relaxed and enjoy my work more.
    It is now a week after the meditation. When doing meditation, I feel recharged, calm, relaxed and clear. Meditation is no longer a matter of routine or something supposed to be done.


    Love, Mihra.

  • 28. August 2018 at 14:21

    Several weeks ago, I had a trauma release energy boost, and it was one of the most transformational experiences of my life. There had been many positive changes in my life, but before the energy boost, I could still feel a lot of old grief and pain stuck in my body. During the energy boost, the energy flowed for several days, and with it, I was able to heal my scoliosis (with no acupuncture, massage or external work), which wasn’t part of my conscious plan! I was thinking more of an emotional and spiritual trauma release, but it happened on all levels <3 I've had a curve in my spine that was found when I was in sixth grade. I thought I would always have it. Since Agni's energy boost and the re-alignment of my spine, emotions that used to get stuck in my system now flow smoothly through. Negative feelings that used to stick with me for days or months now just come and then go very soon after. The strength of those emotions is so much less now as well, almost like echoes.
    The change that occurred with the energy boost started a chain reaction of changes in my physical body over the past few weeks, as well as the way in which my energy flows. Now, both sides of my body feel so much more in balance. It feels so much easier to be grounded, and I feel deep deep roots growing, that I've never felt before. It's also so much easier than before, to see love and joy around me and to live the love and the joy that I have inside of me in everything that I do. It's amazing to think that Agni and I are on opposite sides of the world, and that such deep healing was able to happen. It's hard to put into words how much this experience has meant to me.
    Thank you, thank you, Agni <3

  • 16. September 2018 at 3:19

    I chose love energy and sexuality to do .When Agni’s love was coming , my chest energy was filled, and several times it almost exploded. The sexuality energy fills my root Chakra and sacral chakra. I am integrated with fire.
    I am a very sensitive physique, super easy to absorb negative energy, I have many ACC Feng Shui cases to do, daily contamination with negative energy, need to spend a lot of time cleaning, when I finish work come back home, often need to accompany children and family, busy to only a little time to clean up, negative energy left in the body, let me tired and not It’s comfortable. Sexuality energy strengthens my awkward fire, and every night during sleep, a clear awareness of the automatic awakening of the awkward fire helps me clean up my body, the intense Kundalini energy that cleans my chakras from the bottom up, and even the feeling that my body is going to float, greatly saving me the time it takes to clean up the negative energy. During the day, I feel more intense Kundalini energy in the body than before.
    The energy of love is particularly intense when the case is healed by the eyebrow and heart chakra, which is more quickly and deeply transformed into a jaw malposition, opening the bound portion of the back of the head. I was really shocked by the energy, and I followed it, in a state of gnashing my teeth, and the power made it impossible for me to relax my tight teeth until the repair problem was over.
    I am looking forward to the next effort to dedicate energy. I will choose a good time to enjoy the hour.
    Irana Luo


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