Living in the Fire of Love

The fire is calling his children home.
Make your heaven a place to live on Earth.
Stop learning, start knowing.
Be a warrior of your own path, the path of fire.
Be love, be light and live the fire of your heart.

The wisdom Agni shares is designed to accompany and guide new creation aspects of the upcoming new earth.

This formation consists of 5 parts, each of which is a standalone module. You can book each one individually and attend them in any order OR book all 5 parts in one block of 20 days.

The Healer

Healing with the fire of love is our most traditional form of healing.

It is what we learned when our creation started.
But it is a gift from the Divine that most of us have forgotten.
During these days, Agni will guide us into a new way of being a healer in the New Age.
This work brings heaven into our body and manifests heaven in our human existence.

Many of the old and traditional healing schools from the origin of fire have been re-manifested from the past into today. But the new school of healing has no precedent or past; it comes from the future, one filled with the Golden Age.

You are now creator of your destiny. But this is a new reality, the likes of which we have never before seen. So it is itchy at the beginning, as we step into a new role. And that’s why we are here.
The creation cycle Agni will offer teaches how we can be creators on earth, amid the new medicine of the Age of Aquarius.



The Warrior

The warrior knows about his strength and his weakness and is capable of leading from either one.

He has calmed the voices in his head enough to listen carefully to the voice of his heart.

He is the one guiding us to peace.



The Sage

The Sage knows that love and knowledge are born by the same source.

He knows that his soul is timeless and is awakening into the present day by day, inextricably connected to his past and future.


The Priest

The Priest is a master of karmic structures: he guides beings on their way home, he loves, he reminds them of their own love. He guides because he knows his own mission in this time of creation.

He accepted a never ending dialogue with the Divine and receives inspiration from heaven to experience his own reality on Earth.

For these 5 days, Agni will guide us into our own Priest-being of the Golden Age.


The Merchant

The Merchant is a priest in his heart, in his doing a warrior and in consciousness a sage.

He is preparing our path on Earth to enter the Golden Age.



Overview of all events

All Events in One Block July 1 – July 20, 2017
Living in the fire of love – 20 days on the sacred land


The Healer July 01, 2017 – July 04, 2017
The Warrior July 05, 2017 – July 08, 2017
The Sage July 09, 2017 – July 12, 2017
The Priest July 13, 2017 – July 16, 2017
The Merchant July 17, 2017 – July 20, 2017

Seminar cost: US $2.200*
Seminar language: english and german
Location: Agni´s Shiva Shakti Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

* In case of cancellation a registration fee of US $300 will be retained.