1 on 1 Coaching & Core Competence

1 on 1 Coaching

You are really good in what you do.
You reached every height in your job.
You know there is more for you in this life.
How about diving deep into yourself in a one on one retreat with me in Santa Fe?
Do you feel you´re worth it?
Let me know.

Is it on your path to yourself?
We should know each other before you book.
If we haven´t met we can Skype.
You should feel for sure, that you are ready to work with me.
Together we will explore, how much time is needed to reach your goal.

Minimum time of booking is 2 hours.
Maximum time is 10 days with 3 hours coaching each day.
Somewhere between minimum and maximum is your rhythm.

If my guest house (photo on top) is available, you can rent it for our retreat period.
If you prefer to stay in one of the Santa Fe top hotels, I will provide you with an accommodation list.
For some it is more easy to relax in an urban environment then in the desert.
Anyway, keep the afternoons for yourself to reflect on what we have worked on in the morning.

Coaching cost are US$ 5,000.00/hour*,
for the guest house US$ 300.00* each night.

If your heart has a “YES” I will hear from you and we will make it happen.
You can contact me at: agnicoaching@gmail.com

Reservations in Europe possible on request


Core Competence

We all incarnate with a handful of core competences.

Some of us go to universities to study the subjects buried deep in our soul memory. Some choose it as their life’s job, as a mission, and when they are successful the mission is accomplished after 20-30 years of work. They have integrated one ore more core competences within their daily life and have created a work field for themselves that can not be copied or duplicated. They are unique.

From now on we can speed up this process. Your soul system shows me your core competences and I can make them visible for you, so you can experience them. I will bring them from deep within your consciousness to the surface of your Self. From that moment on you begin to create out of your own core competence.

How long does that take? Probably about an hour for the 2 of us and a day or two for yourself to calibrate your energy system.

Investment: US$ 50,000.00*  for each core competence
You can do a maximum of 4 in a row with a day break between each initiation.

Before you decide to book right away, first let us talk.
We both have to be certain about what is possible to accomplish right now and if we want to go on this journey together.

*In case of cancellation a registration fee of 10% of the investment will be retained.